For Veteran Job Seekers

Converting Military Skills Into Workforce Skills
Dig into how your valuable military skills convert to valuable skills in the civilian workforce. It’s not always easy, but with practice and guidance from Veteran’s Employment you’ll soon be able to visualize yourself in a civilian career.
Cover Letter Writing Tips
No one enjoys writing a cover letter and hiring managers don’t enjoy reading poorly written cover letters. How about we take the pain out of cover letters for everyone – for you and for the people who will read your cover letter.
Military Friendly Jobs and Employers
The good news is that there are many businesses committed to hiring veterans. See our list of employers are supportive of helping men and women, like you who committed to serving and protecting Americans.
Veterans Preference
Veterans’ Preference is a benefit that is gives qualifying veterans preference during the hiring process within the federal government.
How to Write a Great Resume
We’ve put together our top resume writing tips that will help you convert your military experience, education, and skills to a civilian career.
Interview Prep
Interview preparation includes doing research about the company, thinking about the questions you’ll be asked (and how you’ll answer), and even asking a friend or family member to do a practice interview with you.
Connecting With Free Employment Services
Before you sign-up for any of the pay-to-participate employment services, we want you to take advantage of the many free veteran’s job placement services. Here's a list.
We urge you to visit these organizations who offer key services to veterans. Contact us with any questions.
Veterans Employment Placement Services