1/29/2020  Dean Phelps
It can be hard to know which veterans’ employment services to trust. There are so many companies promising to find you your dream job – for a fee.

Before you sign-up for any of the pay-to-participate employment services, we want you to take advantage of the many free veteran’s job placement services. To help you get started the right way with your job search, we’ve compiled a list of free veteran job placement agencies.

Along with the list below, remember to take advantage of the services provided to you by the federal government and your state government. Make sure you thoroughly research the programs offered by your state (or by the state you want to move to). Many of these programs offer veterans job placement services, education opportunities, skills training, and career coaching.

Of course, don’t forget to take advantage of the jobs database on our website. Browse our free jobs for veterans database and submit your resume using our free resume uploader. Our focus is on finding employment for veterans – men and women who have served America and are now looking for new ways to contribute and make positive change.

Free Veterans Employment Services

Take advantage of the following free job services for veterans:

It’s also worth researching grants available to you from the federal and state governments. These grants can help you with education, skills training, and career transition support.

We want to hear from you. If we have missed a free veterans employment service from our list – we want to know. Visit the Veteran’s Employment Facebook community page or the Veteran’s Employment LinkedIn page and tell us about the free employment services you’ve used.