1/14/2020  Dean Phelps
More and more companies are realizing how valuable it can be to hire veterans. There are a number of job-specific programs available to both veterans and employers to make the transition easier.

It is worth researching the job-specific programs available to veterans seeking employment. We’ve included some of the employment for veterans’ programs that we have found to be very useful below.

Remember that depending on where you want to work, who you want to work for, and your skillset – there are likely veterans job placement and support programs for your specific niche. Take your time and do some extra research – and remember you can always ask us questions on the Veteran’s Employment Services Facebook community page, on the Veteran’s Employment Services LinkedIn forum, or by contacting us.

Our focus is on finding employment for veterans – men and women who have served Americans and are now looking for new ways to contribute and make positive change.