Job-Specific Programs

As the subject of employing veterans continues to gain popularity, many businesses are forming partnerships with the government and private firms to make hiring veterans more advantageous.

There are now several programs, both general and specific to certain job fields, that veterans can take advantage of.

One program is ‘Troops to Teachers’. This program is designed for those veterans who are interested in pursuing a teaching career. It is a federal program that provides counseling, financial, and placement assistance for veterans who are looking to serve their country again, just in a different manner. For more information about ‘Troops to Teachers’, please click here.

Another program that has been created specifically for the Army Reserves is the ‘Army Reserve Employer Partnership’. This program is designed to give companies incentives for hiring Army veterans. For more information, please click here.

For information on other job specific programs, please contact your local unemployment office or Veterans Administration office.