Converting Military Skills Into Workforce Skills

Many people don’t understand that many life skills they possess actually equate to workforce skills.

Combine that with military skills, and you’ve hit the jackpot! A great example of this is leadership skills. Did you lead a platoon? Were you in charge of a combat simulation? Have you worked in an authority position? These all equate to leadership positions/supervisory skills.

Many times, people include only the skills they completed while employed. This can lead to a narrow list of attributes. However, if you think outside of the box and begin listing the skills you used during your military assignment, you will see that list grow. This ups your potential to possible employers and gives you the edge when employers start comparing resumes. At Veterans Employment, you will find employers who will take your life skills, military service assignments, and military ranks and convert them into workforce skills and a job.

If you are unsure of what convertible skills you have, access the Military Skills Translator.