Veteran’s Services

Veterans Employment offers services no matter where you are in your transition and life cycle.

First termer or retiree, officer or enlisted, operations or engineering – separation is a day, a month, or a year away and you know you are going to get out . . . but not much else. Or you’ve completed additional education and training since you separated and are ready for new opportunities. Veterans Employment offers services no matter where you are in your transition life cycle.

Candidate Services

Transition, Job, and Education Advice

As a transitioning Navy Master Chief, I wasn’t sure how or when to start my job search and I was intimidated by all of the choices out there. Recruiting firms, family job offers, and tips from friends became overwhelming and I wasn’t sure where to turn.

Here at Veterans Employment we want to provide information to you about transitioning so that you have all of the tools necessary to make the right informed decisions for you. Interviewing, job types, salary negotiation, industry information, interviews with decision makers, and a million other things will be our focus here.

Job Opportunities

As we grow, job opportunities will be available to you on our site and through relationships with our corporate and recruiting partners. Register as a job-seeker and we will work to find you the opportunity you are looking for.

Access Information from Decision Makers

We will provide interviews, white papers, and general information from top decision makers and influencers all across corporate America and about military outreach, veteran’s benefits programs, and upcoming initiatives so you can plan with the end in mind.

Who are the military friendly employers? What is a leadership development program? Why is virtual online education changing the options open to service members?

We go beyond the normal job advice to identify information and trends you can take advantage of because we’re a company focused on your unique needs as transitioning military service member.

We understand your priorities since we’ve walked in your shoes, and we will work with you to make the most of your experience, skills and talents as a veteran, job-seeker, and student.