Why Hire Veterans?

Why should you hire Military Candidates for your company?

Maybe your company has never had a formal military recruiting program and you aren’t sure who you want or how to go about getting them.

Or your organization is a high-tech technology firm and you don’t think military candidates have the skills to perform at your company.

Are there misconceptions with your senior management team about military candidates?

Military veterans are highly disciplined, effective time managers with great technical facility and expertise. Consider:

  • Leadership
    A typical five-year transitioning officer has managed over 100 people, and a junior enlisted supervisor often has between five and twenty-five people working for them.
  • Experience
    Military candidates have years of leadership, management, and technical work experience, with training, deployments, and teaching positions interspersed throughout their careers.
  • Education
    Officers are graduates of our nation’s military academies and top undergraduate institutions. Many enlisted candidates are degreed and have multiple certifications.
  • Efficiency/Effectiveness
    Transitioning military veterans are excellent time managers and great communicators. They have worked as part of large and small teams, as well as managed projects with minimal resources.
  • Team-Oriented
    Military veterans have come of age in a team-oriented environment with an emphasis on individual initiative and contribution.
  • Training
    Military candidates come from a culture that stresses individual growth and training at all stages of development and continual personal development.