Top Paying Jobs for Veterans

As we continue with the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, more and more veterans are returning who are searching for employment in the civilian sector. Therefore, it is important to discern which industries are hiring veterans, and at what percentage.

Currently, the top three paying job titles/fields for hiring veterans are management consultants, program managers, and systems analysts.

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Tax Breaks for Businesses Hiring Veterans

In 2011, President Obama inacted legislation titled Veteran Opportunity to Work Act of 2011. The act provides tax credits to small businesses who hire veterans. As the number of unemployed veterans reaches highs of those comparable with the Vietnam War era, it is critical to get businesses involved in resolving this issue.

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Free Career Webinars Offered for Vets

The Department of Defense offers several opportunities each month for free training on a multitude of topics about transitioning from military service to the civilian workforce.

The next webinar topic is ‘Federalizing Your Resume’. It will be held on January 28 at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern). Click here to register.

Click here for a complete listing of available webinars.

New Military Pay Raise Signed

It was touch and go, but at the last moment, President Obama signed a new law that increases Military Pay 1.6%.

This is great news for all active duty, reserve, and retired military.  For a list of the latest military 2012 pay raise, visit the chart here.

In addition to this new pay raise, the following changes were also made:

  • The law will extend authority for the Department of Defense to continue to offer voluntary separation pay and benefits to those facing involuntary separations through 2018.
  • The $100 a day high-deployment allowance for those deployed more than 400 days out of the preceding 730 days, will no longer be “mandatory.” The wording now authorizes the Department of Defense to pay this compensation rather than mandating it; this change may give the Department of Defense the opportunity to phase-out this allowance.
  • Future annual TRICARE enrollment fee increases for retirees and their family members will be limited to the annual Retiree Cost of Living percentage.

If you are looking to separate from the military, remember to visit Veterans Employment to post your resume or find a job.

Veterans Employment

So much has been said lately about Veterans employment.  Why should we hire them?  How do Veterans make better employees than, say, college educated and experienced civilians?

The purpose of this website is to provide a resource for Employers who are considering hiring a Veteran, and more importantly, a resource for Veterans that are looking to find a civilian job.  This website is owned by Veterans that share job information from a wide variety of recruiters that are constantly looking for qualified Veterans to fill positions.  They understand what great hires Veterans are and actively promote why hire a Veteran to Employers.

Check out the military resources tab from time to time too.  Click on links that are important, and if there is one that you think should be here, contact us and tell us what to add.  This is a resource website that will be constantly changing and updating to provide the best possible information.

Review the sample resumes.  It can be very hard for Veterans to translate the work done in the military to civilian job terms.

If you are a recruiter and do not have a partnership with us yet, please contact us.  We look forward to working with you.